Reasons Why You Should Choose First Response Healthcare for PCR Test in Dubai

Reasons Why You Should Choose First Response Healthcare for PCR Test in Dubai

First Response Healthcare is one of the leading healthcare providers in Dubai, accredited with Joint Commission International’s gold seal of approval for its processes and services. Perseverance and dedication shown by our team in such severe times have helped us in becoming one of the most trusted names for Covid PCR test Dubai.

Our continued excellence in providing quality healthcare to the residents and tourists have helped us in working with a range of clients, all of whom recommend First Response Healthcare for any healthcare requirement they face, including the most essential healthcare service of these times – Covid PCR test.

Why COVID-19 Test from First Response Healthcare

As various studies and reports suggest, the most critical preventive factor about Covid-19 is to detect it in the right time, as soon as possible. It is evidenced in multiple case studies that people who start treatments at an early stage have a low mortality rate as compared to those who start at later stages. 

As seen nowadays in younger generations, Covid-19 symptoms are observed at a very later stage and it is therefore, important to take necessary steps as soon as possible. 

Keeping this in mind, First Response Healthcare has once again established leadership with the trust of its customers by introducing some of the best world-class facilities for Covid-19 tests in Dubai.

If anyone wants to do a COVID 19 Test, JCI-accredited First Response Healthcare is one of the best names to trust. Here are some of the reasons why the COVID-19 Test service with First Response healthcare has earned the trust of so many in the emirate:

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At First Response Healthcare, there is the enough flexibility of time to best cater to the patient needs, i.e., you can choose the time of appointment according to your availability and convenience. Get your COVID-19 Test Dubai 24/7, 365 days at a time and place of your comfort. First Response Healthcare gives its services at Any Where, Any Time, no matter where you are situated. 

Availability of Nurses

Our well-trained, experienced and DHA-licensed team of doctors and nurses are available 24/7, 365 days to treat you at a time and location of your convenience. If you book your appointment, our nurses will reach at your chosen time slot at a place of your convenience, whether it’s your home, hotel or office.

PCR Reports

First Response Healthcare is an authorized, licensed and JCI-accredited healthcare provider for home sample collection COVID Test. The test result is usually made available within 8-10 hours of sample collection.

Home/Hotel/Office PCR Testing

First Response Healthcare, accredited by US-based Joint Commission International for its processes and services, offers sample collection for PCR Testing across Dubai. An appointment can be taken in the comfort of your Home/Hotel/Office for PCR Testing at any time as per your convenience, from anywhere.

If you want to travel, it is mandatory to take the COVID-19 Test as per the guidelines of most of the airlines. In such a situation, First Response Healthcare can come to your rescue. A Dubai Health Authority (DHA) approved homecare facility, integrated with advanced medical diagnostic laboratory, enables you to get accurate, reliable, and quick results that can facilitate a safe and smooth travelling experience for you.

Whether you are in a hotel, home or an office, our team can collect your PCR sample from a location and at a time of your convenience. Our primary goal is to provide a safe and convenient Home/Hotel/Office PCR Testing experience for the residents and tourists.  

If you book an appointment for PCR Testing, our team arrives right at the location – whether it is the doorstep of villas, communities, or hotel rooms, offices, towers, or even schools. The team arrives fully equipped and on time, take the sample, process it as fast as possible and then send the report to ensure that you have the appropriate and correct documents for travelling or any other purposes.

Fast Covid Tests Express Services

First Response Healthcare offers fast covid test in Dubai. After fast Covid PCR test booking, our team will contact you and schedule an appointment at your convenient time and place and you will receive the results on the registered email id and mobile number through email and/or SMS in 8-10 hours after sample collection. 

The primary goal of our team is to send your PCR test report accurately and quickly with our highest quality and safety standards. You can book for fast Covid testing from First Response Healthcare, one of the leading home healthcare service providers accredited by US-based Joint Commission International.

How to Book a Corona Test from First Response Healthcare

Booking Corona Test in Dubai at First Response Healthcare is easy, convenient and quick. The best way to book the corona test is to complete the below steps:

  • Call/WhatsApp 0505050387 or Dial 800DIALDOC
  • Bookings available 24/7 by sending an email to
  • You can also book online at
  • Once the appointment is confirmed, you can share your location with the team to make your covid testing experience hassle-free

Our team will reach you at the scheduled time and collect the swab sample which will be sent to our Dubai Health Authority (DHA) authorized laboratory for testing.⁠

These are the easiest ways to book an appointment for corona test at First Response Healthcare.

How to Find PCR Test Near Me

If you search for PCR test near me, First Response Healthcare will always show up since we are only a phone call/message away, no matter where you are located. With 24/7, 365 days at-home services from us, time and location should no longer be on your list of things to worry about. Our main goal is to provide PCR testing with our highest standards of quality and care, through our well-trained, (DHA) licensed nurses as well as our integration with government-approved and licensed laboratories.

First Response Healthcare is built with the trust of its patients and clients – pushing us every day to provide the best service for PCR test in Dubai. For us, the quality of patient care is the topmost priority and we strive to fulfil that every single day.

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