Dr. Diana Salama


Language: English, Arabic

Compassionate and dedicated Paediatric Specialist with many years managing and caring for paediatric patients in different hospital settings. Special interest in Paediatric endocrinology and oncology. Detail-orientated and hardworking with capabilities in counselling, patient education on medications, laboratory work and care plan development for diagnosis. Genuine, reliable, and committed to providing first-rate health care to patients with diverse needs.

  • In house medical officer in Sudan Ministry of Health 
  • Medical officer in Emergency unit of Khartoum Airport Clinic
  • Pediatric Registrar in Sudan Medical Specialization
  • Intensive training program in multidepartment’s including NICU, PICU, pediatric oncology and Dermatology
  • MBBS
  • Clinical MD in Pediatrics and child Health
  • Pursuing MRCPCH
  • Presented thesis tiled:
  1.   Mothers and Caregivers Awareness and practice of use of Aspirin as an antipyretic in Children’s Febrile Illness
  2. knowledge attitude and practice of contact lens among university studentsPresented thesis tiled
  • Participated in research titled: Why did Sudanese end stage renal failure patients refuse renal transplantation?
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