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Advantages of taking FRH Health Checkup by Women

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Following are the 5 main advantages of taking FRH Health Checkup by Women

  1. General Physician Consultation is included with Physical Assessment and vital signs*
  2. Three Health Risk Assessments are included
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) – To review your obesity risk and status
    • Metabolic Syndrome Screening – To review your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease
    • Framingham Heart Disease Risk Assessment – To review your risk for Heart Disease
  3. Several Laboratory Investigations are included to evaluate different body organ systems (most comprehensive in Premium Health Checkup) – Option to Select free and Paid Add on tests in Premium Health Checkup
  4. Get ECG study, Hormone evaluation and Pap Smear investigation done (in Premium Health Checkup)
  5. Easy to understand Infographic report and explained by doctor

*Phone consultation in Vital Health Checkup

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