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Advantages of taking FRH Health Checkup by Men

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Following are the 5 main advantages of taking FRH Health Checkup by Men

  1. General Physician Consultation is included with Physical Assessment and vital signs*
  2. Three Health Risk Assessments are included
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) – To review your obesity risk and status
    • Metabolic Syndrome Screening – To review your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease
    • Framingham Heart Disease Risk Assessment – To review your risk for Heart Disease
  3. Several Laboratory Investigations are included to evaluate different body organ systems (most comprehensive in Premium Health Checkup) – Option to Select free and Paid Add on tests in Premium Health Checkup
  4. Get ECG study, Vitamin D Test and PSA investigation done (in Premium Health Checkup)
  5. Easy to understand Infographic report and explained by doctor

*Phone consultation in Vital Health Checkup


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