How Can Home Care Nursing Services Help?

How Can Home Care Nursing Services Help?

Home Care Nursing services refer to a wide range of healthcare services that are administered in your own home by professional and trained healthcare staff. Home Nursing is meant for people who need assistance and help with day-to-day tasks or if they need someone to look after their medical conditions and to help maintain their health. The types of services covered under home care nursing include services of registered nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Home Nursing is the most convenient option because it is usually cheaper than hospital care while being just as effective as the medical care offered in a hospital or a nursing home.  It is an ideal option for the elderly, for people who are disabled or for people managing an illness. Home Nursing also ensures personalized and compassionate care towards patients.

Following are the two types of nursing care:

In this type of nursing, nurses provide their services for 1 to 4 hours in a day or another specific time period during the day. Short term nursing care is usually meant for temporary medical assistance and aftercare following a surgery, injury or other medical condition that is eventually expected to improve.

Long Term Nursing Care

In long term nursing care, nurses provide services for 12-24 hours a day. This is a more comprehensive kind of care that looks after the medical, physical, surgical, social and emotional needs of people who are chronically ill or disabled. Long term nursing care would be for people who need ventilator care, tracheostomy care, bedsore care, catheter care, infusion care, etc.

While the following types of nursing services are divided on the basis of duration and longevity, it is also possible to understand what comprises home nursing services based on the care they provide.

Following are the components of nursing services based on their functionality and use:

Personal Care

Home Nursing services offer support with daily personal tasks that may be difficult or challenging for people because of an illness or age. Personal care would cover tasks like getting dressed, washing, going to the toilet, shaving, etc. What to include in personal care services depends on the patient’s choice and decision. Personal care is provided by home nursing professionals in a respectful manner, and they make sure to uphold the patient’s dignity.

Nursing Care

Through nursing care, a registered and trained nurse will undertake numerous medical tasks such as administering medications or treating some wounds. Other tasks would include dressing wounds, treating and managing skin problems such as pressure sores or tears, giving injections, etc. Nursing professionals are also trained to provide care for surgical procedures, such as tracheostomies, stomas, catheters, among others.

Companionship Care

Companionship care is ideally meant for elderly people who are isolated or at the risk of becoming lonely. Older people who want to live independently and not in nursing homes can benefit from home nursing and companionship care wherein having somebody to talk to or do things with can help with maintaining social interactions to avoid the feeling of isolation or depression.

Live-in care

As the word suggests, live-in care refers to a home care professional staying in your home to provide daily care and companionship. Their job role involves them taking care of the house and everything else that will ensure a healthy, convenient and a good quality of life for you.

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Benefits Of Home Nursing Care

Home Nursing has several benefits. Besides being a more convenient option than a hospital or nursing home, studies also show that home care enables a patient to recover faster because they are in the comfort of their own home and are surrounded by loved ones or family at home.

Here are the benefits of Home Care Nursing:

1. Reduced Risk of Infections

At hospitals, there is always the risk of catching infections. Especially surgery and critical care patients may be more sensitive and prone to getting an infection. Especially now, since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, these risks and possibilities have multiplied since there is always the chance of you testing positive. Home nursing services nullify all these fears and risks and reduce the risk of infections considerably because of lack of exposure.

2. More Affordable

In-hospital care is usually way more expensive than home nursing. If a patient requires long-term treatment and care, keeping him/her in the hospital may not prove to be cost effective. Home Nursing on the other hand, is much cheaper and provides the same standard of services as those in the hospital. Moreover, home nursing services also save travel costs for patients and as well as prevent family members from having to take multiple trips to and from the hospital.

3. Known and Familiar Surroundings

One of the biggest advantages of Home Nursing is that services are provided to the patients right in their homes where they feel most comfortable. Staying in the hospital for too long, away from family and loved ones can affect the mental and emotional wellbeing of the patient. Staying in hospital surroundings with patients, doctors and nurses around can also feel burdening or saddening. Home nursing care offers the patient the opportunity to recover and recuperate at home among loved ones. It can play a major factor in reducing stress and anxiety, thereby helping the patient to heal much faster.

4. Personalised Care, Customized Services

In hospitals, the care provided to patients is the same for everyone. There is no scope for services to be adapted according to the patient’s needs and requirements. In home nursing, services are tweaked and customized to ensure the patient’s optimum comfort and satisfaction. Plus, one-on-one attention in home care allows for a more personalized touch that can make the patient feel optimistic about the recovery.

5. Support in Everyday Tasks

Home Nursing can prove to be very beneficial and useful when patients need help or assistance in performing basic tasks such bathing, grooming, cooking, and cleaning. Nursing staff provide support with these daily activities and can also help with light household chores such as laundry, dishes, etc. The compassionate assistance of nursing professionals not just helps preserve dignity of patients but also helps maintain a good quality of life.

  1. Medication Management

The elderly or patients with certain illnesses might be taking various medicines prescribed by a doctor. In such a scenario where, numerous medicines need to be administered without missing doses, prescription and medication management becomes extremely important. Sometimes the elderly may forget to take certain medicines or even worse, could unknowingly end up taking an incorrect dosage, which could turn harmful. Nursing professionals are trained to manage prescriptions and they can ensure that patients take the right medicines at the right time.

7. Caring Companionship & Support

Home care nursing professionals end up spending a lot of time with patients through various activities of the day. This helps create a bond between the patient and the caregiver which can help with providing social and emotional support to the patient. The social interactions can lift their mood and spirit and can help with healing and recovering faster. Sometimes elder patients might also feel lonely, isolated or abandoned. The care and support of nursing professionals through this can help them feel cared for and can help them build social connections.

8. Reduces the Caregiver’s Burden

Long term care of a family member or loved one can prove to be exhausting and draining for the caregiver. Keeping up with the roles and duties of supporting someone who needs constant care and attention could lead to challenges in the caregiver’s personal or professional life. Moreover, the caregiver’s guilt also comes in if they are not able to support the patient in the best, most effective way due to time or other constraints. Home nursing can help you avoid the stress and emotional distress while making sure your loved one is taken care of in the best possible way, that too right in front of your eyes, in your own home.

Some other benefits of Home Care Nursing include:

  • As a part of the job, homecare nurses also keep a check on the diet of the patient and the patient’s daily readings of blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and breathing
  • They enquire and check on whether the patient is suffering from any pain or discomfort and offer remedies for the same.
  • They also look out for the safety of the patient at home, along with finding out if any medical device is needed for the care of the patient and the feasibility of having it at home.
  • One of the most important things they do is educate the patient about self-care.
  • Lastly, they also coordinate regularly with the doctor to provide a proper course of treatment and healthcare.

Best Home Nursing Services in Dubai

In case you’re looking for quality home nursing services in Dubai, First Response Healthcare (FRH) is the place for you. First Response Healthcare has received the Gold Seal of Approval for meeting the Joint Commission International Standards for Home Healthcare and implements international healthcare quality standards. FRH has a team of highly trained, qualified and licensed home nurses who use the best accredited practices and tools to provide services in the comfort of your home. FRH’s services for nursing in Dubai are designed to ensure that you get a personalized and specialized care that fits with your clinical needs and requirements.

FRH’s Home Nursing Services include:

  • Post-Operative Care
  • Palliative care
  • Geriatric (Elderly) Care
  • Maternity & New-born care
  • Child Care & Babysitting.

Advantages of Home Nursing with First Response Healthcare

  • Care Plan: Our Physician will initially and thereafter periodically assess your condition and advise the best personalized care plan.
  • Post Discharge Care: Our nurses provide dedicated 24×7 care and execute the Care Plan and do continuous monitoring of the clinical condition to ensure a good recovery.
  • Medication Compliance: Our Nursing staff ensure perfect medication compliance. They are trained to administer all types of injections prescribed by the doctor.
  • Wound Care: Our nursing staff is qualified and fully trained to provide wound care with best infection control practices for complex and hard-to-heal wounds.
  • Elderly Care: Our home nursing professionals are trained to assist elderly patients who need special medical care and/or assisted daily living.
  • Patient Education:Our nursing staff will also provide you with continuous, patient and family education right in your home.
  • Chronic Diseases:We handle evaluation and treatment of all chronic diseases including pain management.
  • Diabetes Management:First Response Home Nursing offers diabetes care at home programs for Type 1 and Type 2 patients as well as Pre-diabetes.
  • Duration of Nursing Care:This depends on the needs of the patient and can be carried out from daily visits through to 24/7 continuity of care.
  • Only DHA Nurses Deployed:All our nursing staff is licensed, trained and experienced to monitor and manage your condition.
  • General & Specialized Home Care Nursing:We tweak our services as per your requirements, where we take care of timely medications and health monitoring.

In today’s fast paced world, our home nursing services can prove to be very helpful for you and your family. If you have an elderly person at home or someone who’s battling an illness, our home nursing services can help in providing the care, help and attention that they need. Support from our dedicated team of home nursing professionals can help the patient in activities of daily living, recovery and fulfilling their needs for social interactions and companionship. Our Home care nurses also provide tips and advice on how to make lifestyle changes that can help in recovery and healing. Food, medication, safety, and health of the patient, all will be taken care of by our home nursing staff who are trained and experienced to excel in caregiving for your loved one.

  • Book as Required – Daily visits or 24×7 cover
  • Licensed, Experienced Home Nurses to monitor & manage your condition
  • Treatment and follow-ups done with personalized attention

To avail our home nursing services near you in Dubai, all you need to do is call on 0505050387 or 800DIALDOC. You can also book an online appointment by visiting

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