15 Home Remedies for Dry Cough & Itchy Throat at Night

Coughing plays an essential role in eliminating bothersome and infectious elements in the body, but can be very annoying. The best home remedies for dry cough depends on the underlying cause. There are many possible causes, such as allergies, infections and acid reflux.

When we lie down, mucus in the nose and throat begins to accumulate, and in general we find it more comfortable, when it does not become the only alternative, for oral breathing. When they do, they dry and irritate the nerves in the back of the throat and begins the beat of uncontrolled cough.

In addition to spending the night awake and feeling tired of “waking up”, the back and neck pain is unbearable, and we are surprised, and our burns in the chest and throat are so dry that the attempt to inspire is usually a constant drama. Do not despair because there is a solution: you can overcome night cough and sleep deeply, by following these simple and free tips.

Home Remedies for Dry Cough

Here are the list of remedies you can try to overcome a dry cough or itchy throat at night.

Sleep Inclined

Sleeping Inclined - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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The mucus we collect in the nose, chest and throat is the one that irritates our throat when we go to bed. The situation helps a lot, and if you’ve spent a night without a cough, you’ll definitely know that the better, the better. It is also not necessary to sleep while sitting, and put some extra pillows under the head to lift them and let gravity work on their own, which leads to mucus falling.

Take a Hot Bath

Hot Bath - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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Relaxing will not only help you after a long day of sneezing and sneezing, in addition, a steam bath will be more useful to relieve congestion of mucus, nose and chest. Inhale slowly for a few minutes and then try to cough or swell to remove excess mucus.


Gargle - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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A cheap and simple preventive procedure to relieve irritation and get rid of cough before it occurs. If we add a little lemon or honey to the hot water, we will get the perfect treatment to soften and moisturize your throat and be able to swallow and breathe easily during the night.


Prepare the Room

Dust Free Room - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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You have dust and the last thing you want is to walk in the middle of the night looking for a glass of milk, candy or sleeping pills. You need to rest, so it’s important to organize your room to be the perfect place to sleep. Keep everything on your bedside table: water, wipes, a varied drink to calm the cough if it happens in the middle of sleep and wakes you up, and remember to turn off all electronic devices.

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Change Your Bed Covers

Change Bed Covers- Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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Dust mites and other allergens lie in their bed, waiting for the night to attack. When we feel constipated, they increase the cough and make it difficult for us to breathe, which bothers our throat. It is important to change the covers at least once a week and wash them at least 60 degrees to kill bacteria, germs and fluids that can interfere on your side while you sleep.

It is also desirable to dry them outdoors because sunlight is very effective in eliminating microorganisms. Uh! Remember to ventilate your room every day. Leaving fresh air for a few minutes is the easiest way to get rid of the germs that caused the soaking of the pillow and bed.


Chew Candy

Chew Candy- Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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They do not need to be a pharmacy, any pill or food that is absorbed can relieve throat irritation, especially if it contains refreshing ingredients such as eucalyptus or mint. Sweets provide immediate comfort and comfort from the annoying cold symptoms: by absorbing them, we stimulate the production of saliva by helping to relieve sore throat when swallowing and allowing mucus to flow freely rather than get involved.


Monitor the Humidity Level

Monitor the Humidity Level - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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The humidifier helps you breathe better when you are busy because it prevents your throat from drying out during sleep. Ideally, keep the humidity levels in the room at 50% so that the air is not too humid and the room becomes extremely cold. If you need to maintain a good moisture level, it is best to choose a right moisturizer in the room where you sleep.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep Yourself Hydrated - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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Remember to drink plenty of fluids while keeping your throat moist. Staying hydrated calms the cough reflex and helps us hydrate the mucous membranes by reducing the sensation of irritation and sore throat.


Don’t Sleep On Your Back

Don’t Sleep On Your Back- Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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Although sleeping on our backs allows us to relax and expand our lungs, it can be difficult to breathe and irritate our nose, especially when we are overcrowded. Try standing on your side and on the slope slightly to facilitate proper respiratory flow.


Eat Chocolate

Eat Chocolate - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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Dark chocolate contains a substance called theobromine whose consumption causes more effective cough inhibitors than common codeine syrup. This substance is also found in tea, which can help to prevent the cough.


Avoid Caffeine Intake

Avoid Caffeine Intake - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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Caffeine should be avoided as it can make your throat more dry and also makes you awake at night.


Do Thyme Inhalations

Thyme Inhalations - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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Pour boiling water into a bowl and add 5 drops of thyme or eucalyptus oil to it. Place your face towards the bowl and cover your head with a towel. Take a deep breath for a few minutes.


Thyme Drink

Thyme Drink - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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You can also drink boiled thyme (boil a teaspoon of plant in a glass of water for 5 minutes and drink it before it gets too cold).


Ginger Drink

Ginger Drink - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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Another ideal plant for curing dry cough is boiling the Ginger root (cut half a centimeter from its root per glass of water).


Chopped Onions

Chopped Onion - Home Remedy for Dry Cough
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Chop some onions and keep it beside your bedside, the chemical will help relieve nasal congestion and bronchial ailments.

Hope you liked our suggestions to home remedies for dry cough and itchy throat. If any of the remedies are not enough to calm the cough, call a doctor at home before it intensifies into headache and fever.

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