First Response 24/7 Home Health Care Services in Dubai

First Response 24/7 Home Health Care Services in Dubai

About Us

First Response Healthcare (FRH) is a leading home healthcare company in Dubai,committed to providing high-quality, patient centered and comprehensive care through services that bring prompt and reliable medical care to patients right at their doorstep.We follow and implement international healthcare quality standards and have received the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission International Standards for Home Healthcare.

With a team of highly competent & DHA certified doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and medical experts, we work 24*7, 365 days a year to deliver home care services right when you need them in the comfort of your homes, hotels or offices located anywhere within the Emirate of Dubai. Our staff has been trained to provide kind and compassionate medical attention to all people ranging from tourists to senior citizens or any other individuals. The feedback and testimonials we’ve received remind us each and every day of how important our services are to the families and people that we serve.

Features That Make FRH Different:

  • Time for appointments: Anytime 24/7 365 days a year we are just a call away
  • Time to reach you: We arrive the fastest, within 30* minutes of your call
  • Areas Our Services Cover: Entire Emirate of Dubai
  • Where all our Doctors can visit you in Dubai: Home, Hotel or Office
  • To make an appointment, all you need to do is: Call on 0505050 387

You’ll be glad to know that our Doctor at Home & Mobile Doctor Service is available on weekends and on public holidays.

Following are the services offered by First Response Healthcare to ensure your optimum health and well being:

Doctor At Home in Dubai

Through our Doctor on Call Service, you can have a doctor visit you anywhere in Dubai within 30 minutes of making an appointment. Our doctor’s visit at home, hotel or office is fast, reliable and professional and we pride ourselves on offering quality services to patients across Dubai.
Our Doctor On Call Service ensures that:

  • We excel in medical home care services supported by qualified and
    compassionate doctors throughout Dubai.
  • Develop, apply, and evaluate new technology for the benefit of our patients and be a pioneer in Dubai healthcare organizations.
  • We hire and work with qualified and experienced doctors and medical professionals.
  • Ensure that First Response Doctors provide high quality home call doctor service in every consultation.
  • Provide high patient satisfaction and prompt timely visits to make Mobile Home
  • Doctor On call services preferred over a visit to a medical center in Dubai.
  • We are always available with excellent healthcare assistance required at your

Internationally Trained House Call Doctors
We have established a doctor at home service with full-time doctors who are internationally trained and who work in shifts to provide 24/7 services. They treat a range of level 4 or 5 illnesses or conditions that are not life-threatening. These include illnesses such as flu or cold, minor lacerations or trauma. Not only will our home doctor give you the right treatment, but he/she also genuinely cares about making you feel better. Our doctors are always empathetic and respectful when being welcomed into your home.

First Response Healthcare Offers:

  • Premium Service: We make sure that we offer our clients a premium experience,
  • wherein they receive treatment and follow-ups with personalized attention.Diagnostics: Our team takes care of tests and sample collection for laboratories. Results of diagnostics are made available on an urgent basis to facilitate clinical decisions and treatment.
  • Referrals to Specialist: Our home doctor will assess if there is a requirement to do a specialist referral or referral to an inpatient facility. We will also arrange the necessary transportation.
  • Diagnosis for All Age Groups: We handle patients of all age groups and case scenarios include both acute and chronic diseases.
  • Pediatric/Child Care: Our doctors also provide child consultation, diagnosis and treatment in coordination with Referral to a Specialist as required.
  • Pharmacy Delivery: We dispense immediate medication using our access to our 24-hour pharmacy partner services.
  • Physiotherapy Referral: If required, the mobile home doctor consequently may refer you to our Physiotherapist to help with sports injuries, women's health and general physiotherapy.
  • Chronic Diseases: We handle evaluation and treatment of all chronic diseases including pain management.

Physiotherapy At Home in Dubai

We understand that not everyone can attend a physiotherapy session at a hospital or clinic, and that’s why First Response Healthcare provides specialized service of home physiotherapy in Dubai. Through our ‘Physiotherapy on Call’; Service, we provide in- home physiotherapy that is convenient for you and delivered by experienced physiotherapists.

Benefits of Home Physiotherapy Program by First Response

  • Customized Services – Planned keeping in mind your comfort and convenience.
  • One-on-One Attention – Taking time to listen and understand your needs,requirements and expectations.
  • In the Privacy & Comfort of Your Own Home – Prioritizing your safety.
  • Flexible Appointments – We adapt to your schedule.
  • Communicated Recovery Process – Making sure we update you with Regular Progress Reports.
  • Relationship based Therapy – Building Personal Connections.

First Response Physio On-Call team comprises highly trained, qualified and licensed physiotherapists who are fully equipped with portable equipment to provide you physiotherapy at home. You no longer need to stress or hassle yourself with visiting a hospital or clinic for physiotherapy since our team will visit you at the comfort and convenience of your home. All our physiotherapists are well-trained, have excellent clinical experience and are licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Through our services, you can get a physiotherapist to visit you at a time and place convenient to you, post which we’ll design a personalized and effective physiotherapy plan that will help with improving your mobility, enhancing your strength and achieving independent functioning.

Our Home physiotherapy program helps ensure continuity of care and facilitate the transition from hospital to home. First Response Healthcare’s home physiotherapy service in Dubai is designed to fit every patient’s needs and requirements and includes the following:

  • Strength Training
  • Balance Training
  • Therapeutic Massage and Exercises
  • Muscle Imbalance Correction
  • Posture Correction
  • Neuro-developmental Therapy

Home Nursing in Dubai

First Response Home Nursing team is a team of highly trained, qualified and licensed home nurses who use international best practices and tools. Using our home nursing services you can get a qualified nurse to care of your healthcare needs. Our home care services are designed so you get specialized home care as per your clinical requirement.Our range of specialized Home Nursing Services include:

  • Post-Operative Care
  • Palliative care
  • Geriatric (Elderly) Care
  • Maternity & New-born care
  • Child Care & Babysitting.

Benefits of Home Nursing with First Response Healthcare

  • Care Plan: Our Physician will initially and thereafter periodically assess your condition and advise the best personalized care plan.
  • Post Discharge Care: Our nurses provide dedicated 24×7 care and execute the
    Care Plan and do continuous monitoring of the clinical condition to ensure a good
  • Medication Compliance: Our Nursing staff ensure perfect medication compliance. They are trained to administer all types of injections prescribed by
    the doctor.
  • Wound Care: Our qualified nursing staff are fully trained for providing wound care with best infection control practices for complex and hard to heal wounds.
  • Elderly Care: Our Home Nursing staff assists Elderly patients who need to receive special medical care and/or assisted daily living. Our professionals assist you in daily living for enhanced quality of life.
  • Patient Education: Our deployed licensed nursing staff also provides you continuous patient and family education in the home environment.
  • Chronic Diseases: We handle evaluation and treatment of all chronic diseases
    including pain management.
  • Diabetes Management: First Response Home Nursing offers diabetes care at
    home programs for Type 1 and Type 2 patients as well as Pre-diabetes.
  • Pediatric Care: Our professionals are friendly and caring.
  • Duration of Nursing Care: This depends on the needs of the patient and can be
    carried out from daily visits through to 24/7 continuity of care.
  • Only DHA Nurses Deployed: Licensed, experienced home nurses to monitor and manage your condition.
  • General & Specialized Home Care Nursing: We tweak our services as per your
    requirements, where we take care of timely medications and health monitoring.

Full Body Checkup & Wellness Plans at Home in Dubai

First Response Health Checkup is designed to provide personalized health assistance to help you assess your current state of health, evaluate future risks and prepare an individualized, customized lifestyle plan. Our Health Checkup at Home Services are  designed to infuse you with confidence in regard to your health and to aid you in planning and executing lifestyle changes that can lead you to a healthier and fitter life.

Sample Requirement: Blood/Serum
Turn Around Time: 1-2 days

Our Full Body Health Checkup Wellness Exam is an advanced profiling, combining Health Risk Screening for lifestyle related diseases like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, along with a health assessment of all major body organ systems. Our services offered under the package are affordable, quick, professional and are always available at a time and location of your choice and preference.

Our Packages Include:
Home Health Checkup: Get your health status checked in the comfort of your home. Ask us to arrange a doctor’s visit for you for a one-time wellness checkup at your home.
Annual Wellness Plans: Get your health status managed and evaluated throughout the year in the comfort of your home with our dedicated doctor managed annual wellness plans.
Concierge Plan: Using our Concierge Plan services you can get a dedicated Doctor to coordinate your healthcare needs throughout the year along with managing your wellness checks and modification of lifestyle plan.

Other Wellness Tests

DNA Testing

We offer the most comprehensive genetic test in Dubai through our DNA PRO – Circle Premium Test that unlocks up to 500 reports of insights that include Vitals, Health,Family Planning and also your genetic response to 100+ drugs. The results of the DNA test reveal your genetic profile and this information can be useful in improving your health and fitness, losing weight, reducing stress, among other things.
Our comprehensive DNA test reports will give you:

  • Diet & Nutrition Reports
  • Sports & Fitness Reports
  • Cancer Reports
  • Health Risk & Disease Reports
  • Stress & Sleep Reports
  • Skin Reports
  • Traits & Talents Reports
  • Well-Being & Pollution Sensitivity Reports

Food Intolerance Test

If you’re someone who suffers from Headaches, Stomach Pain, Knee Pain, Diarrhea, Skin Issues Fatigue, or has difficulty in digesting certain foods or if you are allergic to a particular food, Food Intolerance Test is a test you definitely need to consider. First Response Healthcare provides comprehensive food intolerance tests in Dubai that will give you the answers you need to better understand your dietary requirements. Benefits of Getting A Food Intolerance Test From First Response Healthcare:

  • 24/7 Home sample collection facility
  • Choice between 200 and 300 foods
  • Review of results and Dietary Advice by Physician
  • Option of home visit by Doctor to explain the results and give
  • Option of Combination with Full Body Health Checkup Package

COVID-19 PCR Test At Home In Dubai

First Response Healthcare offers Covid-19 PCR test sample collection across Dubai. You can book your appointment for your sample to be collected from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room, at any time convenient to you. Our trained, experienced and DHA licensed team of doctors and nurses follow the strict clinical protocols and guidelines in compliance with the international healthcare quality standards and healthcare authorities’ protocols in order to minimize the risks of infection contamination. We also ensure professional testing for COVID-19 PCR test in DHA Approved, accredited and high-quality laboratories.

Test results shall be normally available within 18-24 hours. For urgent requirements you can book an Express test through which the results will be available within 8- 10 hours.

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Medical Devices at Home

We provide high quality medical equipment supplies, wheelchairs, standing frame,Physio-  products for purchase at affordable prices in Dubai. We also have a menu of Medical Equipment rental items for short term usage which can help clients save costs. Over and above this, we work to bring the right selection of Medical Rehabilitation Equipment including Postural Support and Seating system solutions.We pioneer and make available the most advanced solutions in:

  • Patient Remote Home Monitoring Systems.
  • Medical Equipment for Purchase or Rental Available
  • Medical Alert Systems with Real time Response

To avail any of the above mentioned services, all you need to do is call on 0505050387 or visit

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