Advantages of Online Pharmacy Dubai

Advantages of Online Pharmacy Dubai

As the internet continues to grow in popularity, immense new opportunities arise, when it comes to immediate access to expert advice and information from health professionals. In this matter, online pharmacies are extremely beneficial. Patients who need to seek advice about their symptoms or discuss possible side-effects of treatments, can receive help in a timely and discreet manner. The online doctor and pharmacist can offer professional advice, resolve problems, diagnose and help with new and repeat prescriptions. Patients with long-term illnesses can also benefit from an online pharmaceutical service, as those who require multiple medications can get advice about dosage and timing requirements for their treatment.

First Response Healthcare provides Online Pharmacy Delivery Services across Dubai. We work in coordination with our UAE wide Network of Partner Pharmacies. First Response Pharmacy at Home service aims to properly care for patients on an individual basis to improve their medication compliance.

5 Key advantages of using our Online Pharmacy delivery services are:

  1. Efficient delivery and a simple ordering process

Our website provides quick delivery and a simple ordering procedure, helping you to avoid  the hassle of a long waiting period. Once you send us a valid prescription issued by a DHA licensed physician there instant check and confirmation done on the availability of the medications and the delivery of the medications is done within 30 to 45 minutes. 

  1. Expert doctor advice and guidance

First Response Healthcare provides instant access to home consultation with a DHA Licensed doctor to review your current medications or to issue you a new prescription after clinical evaluation. In addition we also provide Online Doctor service for video consultations. Our team of doctors can review your current medications and coordinate with your prescribing physician to ensure your treatment plan is optimal and updated.

  1. Completely convenient

Our online pharmacy Dubai services enable you to avoid travel and can save you a lot of time.

  1. Improvement in Medication Compliance for Chronic Disease patients

We improve and ensure your medication compliance in chronic disease patients by having your medication, packaged by the dose and shipped directly to your door, every month. We provide personal attention and customized services necessary to empower patients on multiple medications to higher levels of compliance.

  1. Prescription Refill Reminders

We have dedicated follow-up procedures to give you prescription refill reminders so that you do not fall short of required medication and do not miss any dose.

To arrange a First Response Medicine Home Delivery to you – Call us at 0 50 50 50 38

Pharmacy Delivery 24 hours, every day

Save time, save money, and improve medication compliance

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