Advantages of at Home Health Checkup Dubai

Advantages of at Home Health Checkup Dubai

A regular Health Risk and Health Status Examination is important to ensure good health and wellness. Many people think that if they are healthy, they can skip the annual wellness visit, but this isn’t the case. If your health is important to you, wellness exams should be too.

Home Health Checkup Dubai

First Response Healthcare offers Home Health Check up Dubai to all residents in the comfort of their home.

What are wellness exams?

A wellness exam is a type of preventative care. Preventative healthcare focuses on maintaining wellness and stopping health problems before they occur. Instead of waiting until you have a health issue, you visit your physician to make sure that you’re still in good health or to catch health problems in early stages. Wellness visits or wellness exams are typically annual and are separate from other medical visits related to illness or injury.

Annual wellness visits are essential to maintaining good health and provide a status update on your overall health. They can help guide you to make choices that promote better health, and they can catch health problems early.

What is included in the Home Health Checkup Dubai wellness exam?

Home Health Checkup Dubai Wellness Exams are advanced profiles combining Health Risk Screening for Lifestyle related diseases like Heart Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes along with a health status evaluation of all major body organ systems.

Get ahead of living a healthy and balanced life by getting to know the current state of your Health. You can use this wellness profile to check your current health, but you can also use it to check improvements in your health over time

Sample Requirement: Blood/ Serum

Turn Around Time: 1-2 days

Note: You should be fasting 8-10 hours prior to the test. Our medical staff may ask you about current stress, physical activity, diet, or drug use such as tobacco and alcohol. Much of the exam is a discussion about ways to improve overall health through lifestyle and healthy decision making. Be frank in your answers — full information helps you and us to work together for the best outcome.

Our Wellness Exams include:

  • Checking your vitals – Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate, Temperature and Blood Pressure
  • Checking Body Mass Index (BMI) from your height and weight
  • Examination of personal and family medical histories
  • Discussion of current lifestyle and health choices
  • Laboratory tests – Liver Profile, Lipid Profile, Renal Profile, Urine Analysis, Fasting Sugar, HbA1c, Complete Blood Count, Thyroid Profile
  • Assessment for Metabolic Syndrome Screening Report
  • Assessment for Framingham Heart Disease Risk Report
  • Establishing a plan for your health – Once your results are ready one of our panel of doctors who all specialize in wellness consultation will review your test results and explain them to you so that you can understand your unique situation and create a tailored plan to improve your health.
  • Your Final Medical Report will include Wellness Advice by Physician and Advice if Specialist Consultation is Required and Advice on Lifestyle Modification


Contact Information: Call us to make an Appointment at 0505050 387

Time for appointments: Anytime 365 days a year we can give you an appointment for home sample collection as per our convenience

Areas our service covers: Entire Emirate of Dubai

Where all our team can visit you in Dubai: Home, Hotel or Office


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